Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's my family!!

The following is a "Mother's Right." Promise I will get on to other things. I did warn you these kids are my pride and joy.

Sharon- she is so busy, doing all sort of things, always in one class or another, travels about. She has a beautiful Salon and Spa (Glamour To You, 7008 W. 127th St. Palos Heights, IL, (708) 448-8998)... free plug for Sharon. Mothers are like this. If you live here this is the place to be pampered. They really know how!!

Bill has 2 great kids and the most wonderful garage and family-fun room around. It is a real bachelor's place: pool table, darts, hot tub, refrigerator, work bench, 2 pinball machines, fireplace, a slot machine, some Japanese games. It's the Fun Place to go. He is a certified journeymen, maintenance.

David and Dolly have 3 kids. Dolly can cook or decorate Anything!! They give the best dinners!! Dave has a man-cave in the basement for his tools and projects. He just finished a shed in the backyard, built a train and gym set for the kids. David has his Master's in Business.

Julie and Rob have 3 grown kids, all in college, and the world's best dog. No one, absolutely no one, makes a better breakfast than Rob; it's to die for!! Julie will earn her Master's Degree in Education this Dec.

That's it for an update on the kids. Yeah, bragging rights. Rejoice with me that the Lord has been gracious to me. They all know Jesus too. I would hope to write every Monday. I have some good things to share with you. Drop me a line too.

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Carolyn T said...

YES! I get to be your first comment! It is great that you have a blog now to follow!
Carolyn Twietmeyer