Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I have just returned from a 9 year mission stay in Honduras, Central America. I loved it there. I was with Mision Caribe, an independent church planting mission, and with World Gospel Outreach, a medical mission.

I am a registered nurse and a licensed Minister of the Gospel. I have many stories to share with you. Missions have been good to me.

Before going to missions, I was the founding director of a ministry to Single Again Adults. I'll tell you about that too. I wrote a book, "Towards A Brighter Horizon." You'll get that information too.

Best of all I have four grown children, the love of my life. I am blessed by having children who love and care for me and each other. I'll share with you some funny things about them too. They are a joy!!

What else? I write, teach, and preach some, so I will put some of that on my blog too. Any of the aforementioned topics.

Now? Well, now I am a part of Life Church of Chicagoland through the Church of God in Cleveland, TN where I have been appointed Director of Missions. I have many, many plans for their mission ministry, including trips to Chicago, Native American reservations, foreign countries, etc. One day at a time these things will come to pass. As the Lord directs we shall progress.

I learned to close all my work in Honduras with the phrase "A Dios Sea La Gloria," or "To God Be The Glory." I'll be writing another day.



Bishop Freddie Steel said...

Ok missionary statesman! Great blogspot launch! Like I've said before, sometimes the best man for the job is a woman! Proud of your excellent work!

Anonymous said...

Love the blog, Mim! So glad to see you here in my neck of the woods. ;)