Wednesday, January 14, 2009

family car trip

Well, it has been a while, a month or so, since I last wrote. Finally passed through the Christmas season. It was really good. Celebrated at Bill's house, that was fun. Christmas is always fun at our house. After Christmas, Julie, her husband Rob, and I traveled to Michigan for a family wedding. Beautiful, young couple, my niece's son, so good to be with the extended family again. But the trip there. Not so good. I live in Illinois 16 miles from Indiana. It took us 2 hours and 40 minutes. My sister lives 3 hours from my house, it took us 7 hours. Trouble was the ICE. Lots of it. The good thing was that in spite of everything, we just enjoyed each other. Ate our sandwiches, visited. No one complained. No one was angry. 7 hours. We enjoyed each other. Now, isn't that nice? Always knew that Rob was a good guy. The trip was hardest on him. Julie and I were just there. He was driving and having the responsibility of keeping us all safe. And that's not all of it either. We also had FOG, lots of it. We pray before we start out on trips, put an angel in front and an angel in back. Seems like it works. We saw a dozen spin outs. Two immediately in front of us!! Terrible driving, but a great wedding and family.
The big story around here now is weather again. The midwest in snowed in with tempertures very cold. We are expecting a minus 30 degrees tonight. Minn and Wis are having it even worse than Chicago. I'm prepared. lots of food in the house, several good books to read, the paino is tuned, a good friend lives in my building, guess I can manage these stay in the house days. I used to lead a single again ministry and I taught that we had to get to a place where we like the person we are with when we are alone. Are you to that place? It's a great place to be. You can get through a lot of difficult places then.
Can you relate to this story? Write to me. Do you like the person you are with when you are alone? There is a message here in this bad-weather story. What does it say to you?
Bye for now. Skip

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